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The Club Service Committee is responsible for all matters affecting the efficient operation of Club Meetings and for the organisation of fellowship activities.

The goal of the Committee is to increase the sense of fun, ownership and value through fellowship events which provide an opportunity for personal, family and business involvement.

Events that fill our roster include, among others, the following:

Family Picnic - This annual fun-filled event provides an opportunity for fellowship among Rotarians and their families.  While the children enjoy activities such as boat rides, horseback riding and volleyball, the competition is fierce as Rotarians vie for trophies in the horseshoe tournament and golf chipping contest.

Car Rally - The Car Rally provides an opportunity for Rotarians to enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn while testing their Island geography skills by travelling on many dirt roads. The team that doesn't get lost and accumulates the most points along the way wins the opportunity to plan the event the following year. 

Christmas Party - In early December, a Christmas Party is held in lieu of a regular weekly meeting. Rotarians and their guests enjoy an evening of food, drinks and entertainment with plenty of fun and laughter.  The evening also includes a fundraising component to help the needy in our community during the Holiday Season.

Sleigh Ride - The Club tries to organize a joint event with another Island club to establish contacts and camaraderie with fellow Rotarians.  For the past couple of years, Rotarians have had to oportunity to participate in a winter afternoon sleigh ride with the Stratford Rotary Club. 

Dine-Around - The Club holds an annual Dine-Around event as a fundraiser for the Summerside Rotary Foundation.  For a fee, Rotarians are invited to sign up for a dinner party hosted by a fellow Rotarian in their home.  Guests are assigned randomly to their host by the Chair of the Dine-Around committee. 

Fundraising Activities - Rotarians participate enthusiastically in the Club's annual fundraising activities such as the pancake breakfast, the mulch sale, the golf tournament, etc.  These events are enjoyed by all who participate and offer fellowship while providing a worthwile service to the community.