Rotary Club of Summerside    

April 28, 2009

Club Bulletin - April 28/09
by Yolande Richard

Chair - Antoine Richard skipped the mini-classification talk as he had given one 5-6 weeks ago.


Singsong - With the help of Gabe Chaisson on the piano, Dr. Marvin Clark led the singing of When the Saints Go Marching In and Happy Birthday to Arnold Croken, Mark MacLean, Walter Riehl and Wayne Carew.


Makeups -none.


Visiting Rotarians - Jonathan Ross (Hillsborough Rotary Club)

Guests -Alex, Scott Costain's son, and Malcolm Miller's guests: his son, Peter and friend Sayeed from Iran.


Queen of Hearts Draw - Katie Irwin handled the duties. The jackpot of $406 was missed by our guest, Sayeed (4 of hearts).  The Queen of Hearts remains.


Attendance - Ron Gallant reported an attendance of 68%.


International Toast -none.


Sunshine Reports

Jonathan Ross reported his Club has tickets left for their annual car dinner. 


Phil Jost's second daughter is graduating from St. F.X. University with a degree in Human Kinetics.  Following graduation, she will be flying to Prague and visit six countries in the next three months.  Upon her return, she will be working at PCH.


Estefi has been working hard and having fun at rugby practice even though she has a few bruises. She went to Charlottetown on the weekend to see "That Dance Show".  She loves the feeling of summer and went to the Frosty Treat twice, the highlight of her week.


Committee Reports

Dale Sabean reported that the books for the Read-Along program are ready to go and he passed around a sign-up sheet.  Readers will also bring along dictionaries to donate to the Grade 3 homerooms.  Dale also reported that the applications for Rotary Scholarships will be going out soon.


Katie Irwin reported that the Friends of the Library are looking for people interested in volunteering on their Board.  


Ted Cross reported on the youth exchange.  Estefi has two months left. The new inbound exchange will be Martin Pinard from France.  Richard and Maureen have agreed to be his first host family.  Two more families will be needed.  Gerald Morneau will be his counselor.


Wayne Thompson talked about mulch.  Catherine Rankin has tickets.


President's Report

In President Sandy Rundle's absence, Heather Matheson went over the minutes of the April 23, 2009 executive meeting.  A copy of the minutes are posted in the Members' section of the website, under "Club Documents".


There were discussions regarding the Community Inclusions project in Alberton.  The Club seems interested in supporting this project however a plan is to be put in place regarding where the funds will come from.  The ask is $50,000 for furnishings (beds, etc.).  The Executive will strike a committee to look at the situation and make recommendations.


There were also some initial discussions regarding the Library and a possible expansion or move.


Sargeant at Arms  

Sgt-at-Arms Ron Casey fined everyone whose NHL team has time to enjoy the golf course.  Even when I arrive to Rotary on time, I get fined... Go Habs Go (forever)!!!