Rotary Club of Summerside    

December 30, 2008

Chair - Dave Poirier chaired the meeting. In the interest of time, Dave unilaterally decided to skip his mini-classification talk so there would be more time for the guest speaker. 


Singsong - In the absence of Gabe Chaisson, I (with the help of Vance Bridges and the beautiful singing voice of our visiting Rotarian, Carletta Thornhill) led a cappella versions of Auld Lang Syne and Happy Birthday (to Nelson Snow).


Makeups -None.


Visiting Rotarians - Carletta Thornhill, Hillsborough Rotary Club.


Guests - Alix Wedge, daughter of Richard Wedge and next year's outbound exchange student to Northern Germany. 

Peter Millar, son of Malcolm Millar who is home for the holidays from Ryerson.


Queen of Hearts Draw - Unfortunately there were no tickets so no draw was held.  Katie Irwin reported that things would be back on track next week so Rotarians should be prepared to buy twice as many tickets.


Attendance - Ron Gallant reported an increase in attendance from 51% last week to 71% this week.


International Toast - None this week.


Rotary Minute - Dale Sabean shared a story he found online about the generosity of Rotarians and how help is available worldwide.  A mother flew to Brazil from Ohio to be with her daughter who had become gravely ill while doing some volunteer work in Brazil.  In Brazil, the mother was told she was told she would not be allowed to stay at the hospital with her daughter.  The mother did not speak Portuguese nor did she have any Brazilian currency.  A Rotary Club in Ohio contacted District Governors in San Paolo and from there, local Rotarians sprang into action.  Some of the things they did were arrange for a translator to go to the hospital to comfort the mother and daughter, they gave the mother money, a place to stay, they did her laundry and they brought her lunch when she was at the hospital.  Their generosity helped make difficult circumstances more bearable.  The daughter was eventually diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia and was able to return to Ohio.


Sunshine Reports - Vance Bridges' house was taken over by 17 family members for two days over Christmas (10 of them even spending the night).  To feed them, he almost had to get a mortgage on his house to pay for a turkey weighing 36lbs.  They all had a great time and wonderful Christmas. Katie Irwin has been married 36 years.  Carl Delaney is celebrating his 49th wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve. Derek Key shared some Christmas mail he received from Sarong (sic??), an exchange student from Thailand ten years ago. Sarong said he has great memories of the Christmas and New Year's spent in Summerside.  He graduated from University three years ago and now runs the family business.  He sent along his best wishes to the Club. Esteffi's week was "really cool".  She received lots of gifts and spent Christmas in Summerside with the Wedge family.  They then traveled to Antigonish for the weekend to visit with Maureen's family.  She said she sang SingStar all weekend and learned some country song.  She is certain that in ten years, she too will remember this Christmas.


Sargeant at Arms - Antoine Richard fined all Rotarians who were absent from Rotary on December 23 without a good reason.  He let Rotarians use the four-way test to determine if their reason was a good one.


Committee Reports

Steve Cudmore presented a concept drawing of the Rotary Pavilion to be built in the Rotary Friendship Park in 2009.  It will be 33 feet in diameter and built in the shape of the Rotary Wheel using approximately 2,000 bricks.  The money in the park budget will be used to pay for the Rotary Pavilion.  The Club will sell bricks as a fundraiser which has the potential to raise up to $50,000.


Ted Cross advised the annual winter weekend for exchange students in our district and in New Brunswick will be January 30, 31 and February 1, 2009.  Like other years, the students will participate in curling; will visit the police academy and Lennox Island.  Billets will be needed and he will circulate a list next week.  Ted also advised that our Club will be sponsoring Alix Wedge as our 2009-2010 outbound exchange student, and that she will be going to Northern Germany.  Alix thanked the Club for sponsoring her.


Guest Speaker

Catherine Rankin introduced Ed Ratelle, a trained social worker, a therapist and hypnotist.  Mr. Ratelle spoke of the common myths and misunderstandings of hypnosis.  He explained that while not being an alternative to medicine, hypnosis is a support to it and helps with such things as reducing stress, dealing with fears, and quitting smoking. He drew names for two of his CD's and the lucky winners were Peter Brown and Ron Casey.   His website is Mr. Ratelle was thanked by Ron Casey.


President's Report

President Sandy welcomed our guests and visitors. He thanked Ed Ratelle for his remarks. Sandy described the project of the Rotary Pavilion as a great opportunity to work as a team on a fundraiser as well as a legacy for the park.  He tanked Steve for his excellent presentation of the project.  Sandy reminded Rotarians of the Premier's Dinner on Monday, January 5 at the Delta and encouraged Rotarians to participate in the upcoming winter weekend. He announced to the Club that I agreed to prepare the weekly bulletins and (try to figure out how) to maintain the website, and also that Atanu is going to work on ensuring that all members' pictures are put on the website. He concluded his remarks by wishing all Rotarians and their families a Happy New Year.


Rotary International Toast Emails

The following are a few responses from Clubs we recently toasted.


The Bethlehem Morning Star Rotary Club is honored by your toast. What a wonderful way to send international greetings! As you can imagine, our town is especially festive and full of tradition during this holiday season. The Star has become a symbol of our city and we have our weekly meetings in the morning - thus our name. We extend our best wishes to your club and all of your endeavors. May you and your fellow Rotarians have a Happy Holiday Season.


Valerie Walk, Secretary

Bethlehem Morning Star Rotary


And from Ajax, Ontario:


Thank you very much for your kind thoughts.i will be sure to pass this on to the club tomorrow!!!!merry xmas to you and all the club!!!!.best wishes.lon harnish