Rotary Club of Summerside    

January 13, 2009

Catherine Rankin chaired the meeting. She was born and raised in Summerside.  After graduation from Athena Regional High School, Catherine worked in the hospitality industry, mostly in the Charlottetown and Summerside area, but also in New Hampshire for a three year period.  In the past few years, she has worked for Tourism Summerside and is now enjoying semi-retirement in her hometown.


Singsong - It was the battle of the Dales with Dale Craig beating out Dale Sabean for the honor of leading the sing-song. There being no birthdays, Dale led the singing of It's aLong Way to Tipperary and the Rotary Song. Gabe Chaisson accompanied on the piano .


Makeups -Derek Key had one makeup in Charlottetown.


Visiting Rotarians - none.


Guests - none.


Queen of Hearts Draw - Marion Arsenault handled the duties.  The jackpot of $780 was missed by John McCarthy.


Attendance - Ron Gallant reported an attendance of 82%. Very well done. 


International Toast - Nelson Snow toasted the Rotary Club of Bandar Seri Begawan.  He chose this Club for no particular reason.


Sunshine Reports - Luc Van Hul gave a true sunshine report by informing us that he would not be able to lead the singsong next week because his family is heading to Disney World for ten days.  His business is also expanding.  They acquired another business and will soon be offering surveying services and have an office in Charlottetown. Ron Casey's children did well at the Provincial Junior Curling Championships.  His daughter was runner-up and his son won the championship.  His son will represent the province at the Nationals in Salmon Arm, BC the first week of February. Atanu Chaudhuri will have his camera set up starting next week to take pictures of Rotarians for the webiste. Nelson Snow reported that since he is now 47, he is almost old enough to grow a beard.  Tina Mundy happily reported that she is back to Rotary after a three week absence.  Estefy's week was exciting.  She spent Saturday in Charlottetown with other exchange students and they saw a show where three bands performed. On Sunday, she started her snowboarding lessons and had a wonderful time.  She said it was worth every single bruise on her body.  And even though she could not move on Monday, she can't wait to return.  She thanked Rotarians for the wonderful gift, and again reminded us how much fun she had.


Sargeant at Arms - Vance Bridges did not levy any fines in the interest of time.  If there had been time however, Vance would have fined everyone who had so much pleasure in commenting on his 20 year old picture that recently appeared in the Journal Pioneer.  He also thought of fining John Griffin for being late but reconsidered since John spends an hour in the car to travel to Rotary.


Committee Reports

Vance Bridges has Rotary license plates for sale. $10 each.


Derek Key reported that five people have expressed interest in the Nigeria trip.  If anyone else is interested, please advise Derek this week so that things can be firmed up. 


Luc Van Hul asked that everyone who hasn't done so return the membership surveys to Heather Matheson by next week.  A copy was emailed and there is also one on the website.


Guest Speaker                                                                                                                     

Our guest speaker was Dr. Don Clark,  who is involved with FAME. The organization gathers and ships medical equipment all over the world and also sends out short-term medical missions.  Our Club is presently working with Rotarian Dr. Marvin Clark on sending a container of medical equipment to Haiti.  Dr. Don Clark gave a presentation on the country, which is the third poorest in the world.   This spring, a surgical team is going to Haiti on a medical mission.  Dr. Don Clark, who has been there on medical missions in the past, as well as Dr. Paul Schaefer of Summerside will be part of the medical team.  During his presentation, Dr. Don Clark showed pictures of the town they will be working in (the "town" has a population of 275,000).  The pictures show the poverty, pollution and deforestation that shape the area. Dr. Clark was thanked by Antoine Richard.





President's Report

President Sandy Rundle thanked Dr. Clark for his presentation and said it confirmed that our choice in sponsoring shipments to Haiti in the past and this year is the right one.  He congratulated Ron Casey for his kids' success in curling, he thanked Heather and Luc for preparing the member's survey, and Wayne Carew for being the first Rotarian to fill it out.  He also reminded those who haven't paid for the Premier's Dinner to pay up.


President Sandy also reminded members of upcoming events:

-          Atanu Chaudhuri will give his classification talk at next week's meeting;

-          The next executive of their monthly meting next week (January 22). 

-          The Easter Seals campaign kicks off next week and the Ambassador, Jordan Cotton will   visit our club on February 17.

-          Winter weekend for the exchange students is coming up at the end of the month (Jan. 31, Feb. 1, 2).