Rotary Club of Summerside    

January 20, 2009

Antoine Richard chaired the meeting. He was born and raised in Mont-Carmel where he worked at/operated a general store for 45 years.  In 1960, he opened a service station and in the following years he sold cars.  He then worked for the SSTA for five years, for Information Canada for three months and then for Service Canada.  Following retirement, Antoine managed the Chez Nous (senior's home) in Wellington for 13 years.  He has been married to Denise Gallant for 57 years.  They have six children and eight grandchildren, of which only two reside off-island. Antoine has also always been involved in the community. What he was too humble to mention (but the editor is not) is that his contributions to the community have been recognized through the years and among many other awards, he has received an Honorary Doctorate from UPEI, the Order of Prince Edward Island, and the Order of Canada.


Singsong - With the help of Gabe Chaisson on the keyboards, Nelson Snow led the singing of Loch Lomond.   It took two tries, but the second would have been worthy of a performance at the PEI Music Awards.  Nelson also led the singing of Happy Birthday to Robbie Burns whose birthday is celebrated on January 25.


Makeups -Ted Cross had a makeup in St. John's East.  Karla Flynn and Steve Cudmore both had makeups at the Charlottetown Club where the Easter Seals kickoff took place on Monday.


Guests -Stephanie Richard, Yolande Richard's cousin.


Queen of Hearts Draw - Katie Irwin handled the duties.  Unfortunately for him, Gerald Arsenault cut the six of diamonds and the pot continues to build.


Attendance - Ron Gallant reported an attendance of 75%.


International Toast - Ralph Thompson toasted the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  He chose this Club because all eyes will be on Washington today.


Rotary Minute - none.


Sunshine Reports

Ted Cross tried to make it to a meeting at the Avalon Club while in NL but was held back by a vicious storm.  The meeting he did make was a $20 breakfast meeting at the Fairmont Hotel (which changed to a Sheraton Hotel during his stay).  The size of the Club is about the same as ours but their attendance that morning was only 39%.  So we are to be proud of our 75% attendance this morning. Cathy Gallant is going to Quebec for the Winter Carnival to do some snow carving. Estefy's had to go to Halifax to renew her visa for her trip to New York. She waited an hour an a half for a 25 second interview.  She enjoyed her day in Halifax with Nelson and met his sister while there.  On Friday, she got a haircut.  On Saturday, an exchange student from Charlottetown came to Summerside.  They went bowling and went to the movies to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which she highly recommends (apparently so does Oscar). Estefy spent Sunday at Brookvale and although she is still a bit sore, she is excited to return.  On February 7, she will be hosting an Ecuadorian Culture night at the Trinity United Church.  There is no admission fee and all are welcome. 


Committee Reports

Ted Cross reminded Rotarians of the Winter Weekend for exchange students and passed around a sign-up sheet for billets.  Students are to be picked up at 8:00 pm on the Friday evening and dropped off at 9:00 am on the Saturday morning.


Luc Van Hul reminded those who haven't returned their membership surveys to do so ASAP. 


Steve Cudmore advised that the Park Project committees have been formed and that tremendous work has been done.  Bill Kendrick and Tina Mundy have been working hard on the marketing materials.



Guest Speaker


Gerald Arsenault introduced our own Atanu Chaudhuri who gave his classification talk.  Atanu was born in 1959 in India, in the city of Durgapur.  He was named Atanu for the Indian God of love and sex (according to Atanu).  He attended a strict catholic school and then continued his studies at the University of Calcutta medical school.  He did his residency in surgery but then changed his specialty to radiology.  The greater part of his career was spent in Papua New Guinea.  There he worked in two different hospitals and also taught part-time at the University on a pro bono basis.  He says he was voluntold to teach, by his wife who was the head of the Department of Medical Imaging.  Atanu first joined Rotary in India in 1991.  He played a big part in the Polio Plus Campaign and personally gave drops to thousands of children.  One of the highlights of his life is having gotten to know Mother Teresa.  Atanu is married; he has a son who attends UPEI and a daughter who is a student at Three Oaks.  Atanu was thanked by yours truly.


President's Report

President Sandy Rundle reminded the Executive of Thursday morning's meeting at  The Western School Board office.  He thanked Steve Cudmore and Karla Flynn for attending the Easter Seals luncheon on the Club's behalf.  He also read an update from Steve Manual who is doing well in Trenton, Ontario.


Sargeant at Arms  

Dale Sabean could have fined lots of Rotarians: Nelson for the singsong, Antoine for the 4 minute mini-classification, Gerald for his introduction of Atanu, and Atanu for lots of comments/pictures in his presentation.  But, Dale made a donation instead and everyone is off the hook.