Rotary Club of Summerside    

March 17, 2009

Chair - Richard Wedge has been a Rotarian for 22 years.  He was born and raised in Summerside, and graduated from DalhousieUniversity with degrees in science and medicine.  He practiced medicine for ten years and then worked six years for the DVA.  For the past six years, he has been employed by the province, looking after Medicare and medical education programs.  Richard is married to Maureen Rogers and they have two kids, Ben and Alix.  Ben was last year's outbound exchange student to Germany and Alix will be next year's outbound exchange student, also to Germany.


Singsong - With the help of Gabe Chaisson on the keyboards, Marian Arsenault led the singing of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling and Happy Birthday to Derek Key and Scott Costain.


Makeups -none.


Visiting Rotarians - Guest speaker, Mike MacAdam from the Charlottetown Royalty Club.

Guests -none.


Queen of Hearts Draw - Katie Irwin handled the duties. The jackpot of $160 was missed by Ralph Thompson (8 of spades).


Attendance - approx. 72% (+/- 25%).


International Toast - Heather Matheson toasted the Dublin Viking Rotary Club in Ireland.  We received the following response from the Dublin Viking Club on March 23, 2009:


Dear Rotarian,

On behalf of myself and all the club members I would like to express my sincere thanks for toasting The Rotary Club of Dublin Viking in honor of St Patrick`s Day.

The St Patrick`s Day  is celebrated through out Ireland and also the rest of the world. Here in Dublin 600 0000 people lined up the streets to cheer and watch this year St Patrick`s  parade.

Dublin Viking Rotary club wish your club every success in the future and continue to do your International Toast.


Jan Frisk
President Dublin Viking Rotary Club 2008-2009


Sunshine Reports

Ron Casey is back from Vancouver where his son's team won the silver medal at the World Junior Curling Championships.  Ron said wearing the maple leaf on your back and representing the country was an unbelievable experience.  Roy Ridlington proudly reported that the population of Summerside increased by one.  His third grandchild was born last week.  Baby (9lbs) and mom are doing great.  Nelson Snow was in Mexico for a conference where Fitzgerald & Snow received the Butler Buildings Canada Award for the top selling dealer east of Ontario. Bill Kendrick is leaving Sunday for his daughter's wedding in Revelstoke, BC. The wedding will take place on top of the mountain.  He and Mary also received an award, the 2009 Brand Essence Award from TourismPEI.  Carl Delaney reported that the Silver Fox is getting ready to host the Canadian Senior Curling Championships. Estefy is excited for March Break.  She went snowboarding quite a bit and loves it.


Committee Reports

Boyce Murphy reminded of Discover Rotary on March 24 at 6:30 p.m. (Credit Union Place).  It will be in place of the morning meeting. Les Chipperfield reported that the mulch sale this year will be over one weekend only, the long weekend.  Mulch will be sold on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Derek Key reported that he will be leaving for Nigeria on May 13th along with Arthur Davies, John McCarthy, Dale Craig and Mark Brown.  They will visit some of the well sites, the hospital and take part in the District Conference.  They will each bring a 50lbs medical travel pack to leave there.  Wayne Thompson reminded that April is Polio Challenge Month. So far 42 of our 61 members have participated in our internal campaign - that is 69% of the Club.  A Dine Around will be planned for the later part of April/beginning of May and funds raised will be put towards our Polio Plus contributions.

A re you one of the lucky ones       

P olio has never effected your life

R emember that many are not so lucky

I t is your responsibility

L et's get the job done


Guest Speaker

Gerald Arsenault introduced Mike MacAdam, a member of the Charlottetown Royalty Club.  Mr. MacAdam has been a teacher, a basketball coach and has lived in six different provinces.  His company's product is Chuala, an online language laboratory software  Mr. MacAdam gave a presentation on the importance of proper pronunciation and how learning a new language is difficult because of sounds and rhythms that don't exist in a person's native language.  Chuala is an online program with record, play and compare tools where people can listen to new words and sounds, as well as record themselves saying the words.  Mr. MacAdam was thanked by David Anderson.


President's Report

President Sandy Rundle thanked today's guest speaker and welcomed guests.  He also advised on the following:

-          No morning meeting on March 24.  Discover Rotary at CUP, 6:30 p.m.

-          The District Conference is from May 7-9 at St. F.X. University in Antigonish, NS.  There is a $225 early bird registration (by March 31).

-          The GSE inbound team will be here during the May long weekend.  We will host from Sunday until Tuesday.  The team of 5 will be traveling from Japan.

-          He received a letter from the Arlie Beach Rotary Club thanking Leo-Paul Arsenault and our Club for the International Toast.  They have returned our toast.


Sargeant at Arms  

Sgt-at-Arms Leo-Paul Arsenault fined David Anderson for being rude and hurting Leo-Paul's hand when he shook it.  He fined Bill Kendrick for giving him a hard time when he decided not to wear the yellow vest for the entire meeting.  He fined Carl Delaney for impersonating the Sgt-at-Arms by wearing a yellow vest.  And he fined everyone who is fortunate enough not to wear glasses on a regular basis.