Rotary Club of Summerside    

May 5, 2009

Club Bulletin - May 5/09
by Yolande Richard

Rotary Celebration Garden Update ...............

the early leaders in gross sales as of May 5, 2009:

One Brick Shy



Chair - Roy Ridlington skipped his mini-classification talk as he had given a full classification talk just a few weeks ago.  He did however offer an early sunshine report to start off the meeting. His youngest daughter, Rebecca, who has been home for the last little while, is leaving for London, Ontario where she will be beginning a Masters Degree.


Singsong - With the help of Gabe Chaisson on the piano, Les Chipperfield led the singing of You are my Sunshine and Happy Birthday, to Richard Wedge.


Makeups -Wayne Carew had five makeups, four at the Saddlebrooke Country Club in Arizona and one in Mazatland, Mexico.

Queen of Hearts Draw - Katie Irwin handled the duties. The jackpot of $487 was missed by Ron Gallant (10 of hearts). 


Attendance - Ron Gallant reported an attendance of 90% (thank you Wayne Carew).


International Toast - Vance Bridges toasted a Rotary Club in Kentucky.


Rotary Minute - Gordon Coffin talked of the impact of donations to Rotary International and its benefits around the world .


Sunshine Reports

Yolande Richard is VERY excited that Bon Jovi will be in Moncton on June 27.


Leo-Paul Arsenault and his wife participated in the Dine-Around on Saturday night at Cathy Gallant's.  It was their first time at a Dine-Around and they will definitely do it again.


Gerald Morneau was in Montreal for a few days attending a conference. On the morning of his first meeting there was a fire at the hotel.  By 2:00pm, the entire conference (600 attendees) had been relocated.


Wayne Carew spent six weeks in the south with only one day of rain.  As of May 4, he has been a Rotarian for 25 years.


John McCarthy is participating in the Relay for Life as a cancer survivor.  He is accepting pledges.


Estefi made the "A" rugby team but will miss her first game because of the District Conference. She also started coaching minor soccer.  On the weekend she went shopping in Charlottetown and now has shoes to wear to the prom.


Committee Reports

Dale Sabean still needs Read-Along volunteers for a few schools: Bloomfield, Ellerslie, Queen Elizabeth and Tignish.


Les Chipperfield reported that mulch weekend is coming up with bagging and selling taking place on May 15 and 16.  Rotarians can sign up to volunteer on the website.  Do it quick and don't forget to sell some tickets!!! 


Gerald Arsenault reported that the GSE committee is finalizing plans for the upcoming visit.


Luc Van Hul reminded Rotarians to consider prospective members in the community.


Steve Cudmore presented the Celebration Garden sales report.  $6,500 has been raised so far.  Antoine's Raiders are in the early lead with respect to numbers of bricks sold, and One Brick Shyare leading the way in gross sales.


Guest Speaker

Ron Casey introduced guest speakers Tim Carroll and Jessica Gillis.  They spoke to us about the Co-op Program at UPEI.  The program includes three work terms. Since the beginning of the program, 75 students have completed work terms in Summerside.  There are currently 20 students from PrinceCounty enrolled in the program.  Obligations on businesses are to provide remuneration to the students. There are no long term obligations. Jessica shared her personal experience as a co-op student and how it has benefited her life.  The speakers were thanked by Wayne Carew.


President's Report

President Sandy Rundle reported that he, Bill Kendrick, Heather Matheson and Estefi will be attending the District Conference this weekend, where Bill is one of the presenters. He also took a minute to mention that May is a busy month for our Club and he thanked everyone for their hard work.


Sargeant at Arms  

Sgt-at-Arms Atanu Chaudhuri decided that because the weather was so nice and that there was a 90% attendance, he would cover the fines. He also indicated he is hosting a Dine-Around on May 30 and still has room for 3-4 couples.