The Rotary Club of Summerside has agreed to support AIDS PEI's efforts to raise funds by collecting up old cell phones.

AIDS PEI and the Shelter Alliance in the United States have teamed up to bring you a new way to help AIDS PEI.

Got an old cell phone lying around? Donate the phone to AIDS PEI and help out a worthy cause AND help out the environment!

Each year, thousands of cell phones make it into a landfill - why not donate that phone to AIDS PEI? For each phone recycled, AIDS PEI will receive up to $50.00.

Rotary members are being encouraged to bring their old cell phones to the next few Club meetings.  We'll have a box there for you to put them in and then we'll get them to AIDS PEI. 

Or you can drop them off yourself at the Telus Mobility (GBS Communications) location at the County Fair Mall.