Today, the Rotary Club of Summerside officially launched its capital fundraising campaign for the Inspire Learning Centre. In attendance were various representatives of government; however, the big news of the day was the announcement that the Government of Prince Edward Island will be supporting the Inspire Learning Centre with a substantial donation of $300,000.
Shown in the picture above is Minister Richard Brown, MP Bobby Morrissey, Rotarian Gerard Greenan, Premier Wade MacLauchan, Minister (and Rotarian) Tina Mundy, Summerside Rotary President Dave Anderson, Fundraising Chair and Rotarian Stephen Cudmore, and Summerside Mayor, the Honourable Bill Martin.
This morning, Premier Wade MacLauchan gave a presentation to our Rotary Club on the topic of building confidence in our communities, province and people - especially the future generations of Islanders.
Just prior to announcing to the club that the provincial government would be contributing $300,000 to our Inspire Learning Centre, the Premier explained how such a project, "fosters a sense of agency for future generations. Through learning and reading, youth can build a positive narrative together, create a sense of identity and cultivate a more vibrant culture." The Premier said that the Learning Centre will go a long way towards "maintaining vitality" for the city.
At the official launch of the fundraising campaign today, fundraising chair Stephen Cudmore explained how the original total of $2 million dollars had been raised to a new total of $2.5 million.
Of that $2.5 million - to date - individual Summerside Rotarians have made a substantial contribution of $305,000.
ACOA has donated $791,000 and the City of Summerside has donated $300,000.
Before the provincial government made its announcement today, a total of $1.8 million had been raised. With the provincial government's contribution of $300,000, only $400,000 is left to raise. Anyone wishing to help with fundraising efforts can visit our fundraising website at:
Finally, in keeping with our theme today of making contributions, former MLA Ed Clark donated a book, "Minding the House 1873-1993" for the new library to President Dave.