Hello Prince Edward Island

Well it is officially spring. Here we no longer have a large amount of snow on the ground (of course still lots in the mountains). But then if you go to Lausanne or Geneva it is basically summer. Last weekend I went to Valais skiing with the ski club I am part of (as well as my family) it was really nice skiing with a large group like that and plus the skiing was great.

 I just had my Carnaval vacation a few weeks ago. Carnaval is a big and exciting party where everyone dresses up and goes out. There is also a parade where the Jeuness of each village make a float, also the primary class from most of the schools dress up as well. The big carnaval is in a little village just outside of Bulle, Broc it is one of the biggest because they also celebrate their Benechion at the same time. Then the week of vacation I went and visited my friend from Germany, who was an exchange student in my grade 11 year in Westisle. It was really nice to see her again and as always seeing more of Europe was a pleasure.

Too keep busy I have been playing unihockey with the local girls team. Its really nice to keep some Canadianness in my life mind you it is still quite the change from hockey (but it helps keep those cheese pounds off). Also I am rock climbing with gym and that is really fun but I only have two more times with it and after I do African dance.

Just last weekend I went to Lausanne and watched Crashed Ice, it was in Quebec city in January. It was pretty crazy four guys go down an ice surface which is more like a ski run, and the one who crosses the line first wins. But we didn't really see much as there were way way to many people there.

For my Easter break I have two weeks off school so I will be traveling to southern France with my 3rd host family, where they have a house there. After I will be going to Tessin (Italien region of Switzerland in the south) with my current host family where they also have a house. I have really lucked out on all of my host families.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful winter and I hope the snow lets up soon ;)

a beintot