Three Oaks students Wayne Gallant, Alex Barry and Brittany Bradshaw, front row, were presented with STRIVE scholarships. On hand were, back row left, Jim Donovan, TOSH guidance councilor, Heather Matheson, Rotary Club of Summerside president and Rotarians and STRIVE committee members Marion Arsenault, Yolande Richard, Donna MacKay and Vance Bridges.


Three graduating students from Three Oaks Senior High School will receive scholarships from the Rotary Club of Summerside after improving their grades over the past school year. 

The STRIVE scholarship program recognizes students who show significant improvement in overall performance in their senior year of high school.

"Rather than having criteria based solely on high grades as with most scholarships, STRIVE looks at efforts to improve," says Rotarian Vance Bridges who chairs the STRIVE Committee.  "A student can show a move from Ds to Cs and still emerge with a meaningful entrance scholarship."

The STRIVE program involves a commitment between the student, Three Oaks Senior High School and the Rotary Club of Summerside wherein academic and counseling support is provided by the school. Students enter the program at the beginning of their final year and commit to work on improving their school achievements. 

In the process, they gain self-confidence and develop post-secondary education goals.

The program designates three scholarships per year valued at $1,000 each provided by the Rotary Club of Summerside. Scholarships are awarded towards tuition at UPEI, Holland College or any other similar institution off Island for a 20-week or longer approved training course.

The three students were presented with their scholarships at yesterday's Rotary meeting.

They included Wayne Gallant, Alex Barry and Brittany Bradshaw.